Using Experienced Independent Medical Evaluations for Your Cases

20 July 2021
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As an adjuster, you need to make sure that your company only pays out for legitimate claims. You realize that claimants can falsify information in a bid to get money to which they are not otherwise legally entitled. They can also fail to recall important information correctly and make wrongful claims against the insurer that employs you.

To ensure that only valid claims get paid out, you can verify the information that you receive by relying on professional third-party input. You can take advantage of what independent medical evaluations can offer when deciding if a claim has any legal or financial validity.

Verifying the Extent of Injuries

When you have independent medical evaluations conducted for your claims investigations, you can find out if claimants are really injured or if they are exaggerating the injuries. You need independent medical evaluations to determine if the claimants are telling the entire truth.

By weeding out false claims, you can save your company money that it would otherwise pay to people who are not legally entitled to it. Your company can make sure that it only pays out money to people who have valid and real injuries from an incident that your company covers.

Court Testimony

The independent medical evaluations that you get from third-party physicians can also be entered into court cases as evidence. The court may need to hear from a third-party doctor that the claimant is not really injured. The court should not just hear from a doctor that works from your company or just from the primary care physician of the claimant.

Instead, you can bring proof of independent medical evaluations that third-party physicians provide to both you and the claimants. This objective evidence can be used to sway the court to decide in your company's favor. It can also provide valid proof if the person is trying to pursue money from the insurer and is not genuinely injured or not as injured as he or she claims.

Independent medical evaluations serve an important purpose in your work as a claims adjuster. They can spare your company from paying out large sums of money to people who are not entitled to it. They can also provide testimony for court cases. To learn more about how they can help you in your case, contact a professional that offers independent medical evaluations near you. They should be able to answer any additional questions you may have.