Considerations To Discuss With Your Doctor About Shoulder Replacement Surgery

27 July 2018
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If you have frequent pain and limited mobility in your shoulder due to arthritis, then your doctor might recommend shoulder replacement surgery if other types of treatment don't help with your pain. Your general health is considered before undergoing surgery to ensure you're a good candidate with a low risk of complications. Your doctor has other criteria to consider as well when it comes to this type of surgery. Here are some factors that influence whether you are a good match for shoulder replacement surgery. Read More 

Tips For Successful Recovery After Rotator Cuff Surgery

29 December 2016
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If you are having surgery in the coming week to repair a tear in your rotator cuff, then it is important that you know how to heal your shoulder post-surgery with the least amount of pain and chance for reinjury. While you should always follow the specific instructions from an orthopedic surgeon, like those at  El Camino Center for Sports Medicine​. There are some basic things that all shoulder surgery patients can use to successfully heal and regain movement after their procedure. Read More 

Broken Bones In Babies: A Parents Guide To First Response

16 August 2016
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Broken bones in babies are not as common as they are in children and adults. Babies' bones are much more soft and pliable -- but breaks still happen with severe force, genetic disease or unintentional trauma. Here is how you can learn if your baby has a broken bone and what you should do about it.  Signs of Fractures Normally, when someone has a broken bone, they can communicate the type of pain and what they think might have caused it. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Physical Therapy

15 May 2016
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Physical therapy can be used to help patients heal from many different conditions. If an individual has a health issue or has incurred an injury that has negatively impacted his or her mobility, physical therapy can often help. Here are a few advantages of physical therapy: Reduction in Discomfort Sometimes, pain can accompany an injury or a health condition. Some of this pain may be due to irregular muscle contractions or tightness. Read More 

Understanding Your Upcoming Total Knee Replacement Surgery

18 August 2015
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You've been fighting osteoporosis for several years. It has gotten more painful in your knees as you walk. Sometimes the pain is so bad that you have to stand for a few minutes to catch your breath before taking any more steps. Your doctor has suggested knee replacement surgery as a way to keep you mobile and get rid of the pain. Here is what you can expect from this surgery and how it will impact your life. Read More