5 Benefits Of Physical Therapy

15 May 2016
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Physical therapy can be used to help patients heal from many different conditions. If an individual has a health issue or has incurred an injury that has negatively impacted his or her mobility, physical therapy can often help. Here are a few advantages of physical therapy:

Reduction in Discomfort

Sometimes, pain can accompany an injury or a health condition. Some of this pain may be due to irregular muscle contractions or tightness. Physical therapy uses physical manipulation along with specialized medical equipment to provide stimulation to help improve blood flow and relieve muscle tension. These types of treatments are often beneficial for people who have back pain or joint problems.

Increase in Mobility

Some physical therapy patients have problems ambulating. Exercise therapy that encourages the stretching and strengthening of muscles can help improve the patient's range of movement. In some instances, during the recovery process, the patient may require orthopedic devices to help him or her move about, such as a cane or a walker.

Injury Prevention for People Who Play Sports

For people who regularly participate in strenuous activities, such as long distance running or football, physical therapy can be used to help in their recovery from injury, or it can be used to help prevent an injury from occurring.

Injuries are sometimes likely when a particular group of muscles is regularly used or strained. For instance, a baseball pitcher is likely to have a shoulder injury due to the repetitive motion that is used as he or she pitches.

Fall Prevention

When some people become injured or develop a specific type of illness, such as multiple sclerosis, they may be more prone to falling. Physical therapy can help the person learn how to react in situations that cause them to lose their balance. This can help minimize the risk of actually falling and incurring additional injuries. Exercises that improve balance and coordination can help ensure that the person stays upright in most situations.

Rehabilitative Treatment for People with Systemic Conditions

Physical therapy can also be used to help people who suffer from systemic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. A specific exercise plan can be developed to help diabetics maintain a suitable blood sugar level. In addition, for people who suffer from heart disease or who have recently had a heart procedure, physical therapy can help them fully recover their strength.

To learn more ways that physical therapy can benefit you or a loved one, schedule a consultation with a physical therapist in your area.