Common Causes Of Foot Pain

11 May 2022
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Since the feet generally bear the most weight, they are vulnerable to several conditions that cause acute or chronic pain. Although there are numerous problems that might cause foot pain, there are three that are relatively common. Arthritis Various types of arthritis can affect the feet. Osteoarthritis is more commonly due to degenerative processes that occur with age or previous injuries. Other forms of arthritis that can affect the feet are inflammatory arthritis and gout. Read More 

Early Signs You Could Benefit From Orthotics

5 January 2022
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So often, people wait until they have a diagnosable condition, like heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, to see a podiatrist or orthopedist. As a part of their treatment, the podiatrist or orthopedist recommends wearing orthotics, which makes quite a difference. Here is the thing: you don't have to wait until you develop a serious foot problem to benefit from orthotics. Here are some earlier signs you may want to slip a pair into your shoes. Read More